Dash Away Weekend - TAHOE - July 10-12, 2020

Zephyr Point Conference Center, Zephyr Cove, NV

Take a few deep breaths. Sometimes we need to be reminded, don’t we?

Have you ever thought, “There must be more?” Would you like to connect with Jesus on a deeper level and experience more freedom and wholeness in your life? Do you enjoy having fun and connecting with new friends? Dash Away Weekends create a place for all of this and so much more.

What is a Dash Away?

Dash Away Weekends are unlike any other women’s retreat you’ve ever experienced. They are unique, intimate weekends for women that are focused on true connection with Jesus, having loads of fun with others, and plenty of space to recharge and refresh. We keep it small on purpose - so you can truly connect and not be overwhelmed or lost in a mass of strangers.  It is not a conference. In fact, the only agenda is to help you encounter Jesus and experience healing and freedom in your life while also building healthy connections with others. You will experience a restful time in God's presence, enjoy intimate times of worship, and receive practical tools to help you as you move forward in your relationship with Jesus. Oh, and you’ll have a ton of fun too!

Who is Dash Away for?

Dash Away Weekends are designed for those who want a deeper connection with Jesus, who desire more freedom in their lives, who enjoy connecting with new friends and having fun, and who want to be more connected to who they truly are as beloved daughters. Whether you have been walking with Jesus for decades, or if you’re intrigued and want to test the waters, Dash Away is for you.

What can I Expect?

The ladies from Dash Away 31 at Lake Tahoe, May 2019

The ladies from Dash Away 31 at Lake Tahoe, May 2019

The weekend is very casual and loosely structured. Comfortable clothes are appropriate. No make up required. And you can also leave your cute, but uncomfortable shoes at home. 😉

The Schedule: Check in is between 4pm and 6pm on the Friday afternoon. Check out is Sunday morning and we will be finished by noon.

The weekend starts with fun as we get to know each other and settle into what God has for us, and continues with a relaxed pace as we provide plenty of space throughout the weekend for you to connect with Jesus and others, and to recharge and unwind. There are times of worship, space to simply be, and a variety of opportunities for deeper connection with Jesus including personal prayer ministry for those who desire it.

Dash Aways are always pressure free, always unique, and they are always powerfully life-changing. Please watch these testimonies in the video below and see for yourself:

What People Are Saying:

Our Team


From L to R, Back: Dee Ann Sweeney, Ellen Scharffenberg, Melinda Wilson. Front: Juliette Alston, Lisa Roitsch, and Cathy Little,

What's all this about the "dash?"

Yes, it’s fun to “dash away,” but the deeper meaning of the dash is that it represents the life we live between the day we are born and the day we die. Dash Away Weekends are an opportunity to allow God access to the “dash” of your life to bring you to a place of greater connection with Him, because… true connection changes everything!

Register for a scheduled Dash Away event OR hire us to provide the Dash Away content for a retreat you plan.