Exploring a New Frontier

Week 2 / 21 April - 29 April

What a full and busy week we have had! It has made us realize that we have to fight hard for the solitude and sanctuary that we found while we were in California.  The pace here has been pretty intense with meetings, networking, strategizing, building relationships, and some travel. These first 2 weeks have been a bit of a shotgun approach to tap into options and opportunities in general. With our hostess, Shona, working her way back into her normal schedule after losing her mum unexpectedly about 6 weeks ago, this has been the time for us to explore beyond Whiteinch Church.  With those conversations behind us, however, we are looking forward to finding a rhythm here where we are based.

If you are connected with us on social media, some of this will be a repeat, but we know that many are not personally connected to us on Facebook, so we'll give you all the run down of the past week.

Worshiping with the Worship Leaders

Worship before an audience of One

Worship before an audience of One

Last Friday, we had the privilege of joining the 4 main worship leaders at our host church for a time of worship.  They each lead teams, but once a month they lead together, and before they do, they gather to simply worship. No agenda. No set list to rehearse. They simply worship before an audience of One. The church benefits greatly by this choice because these leaders are leading out of the overflow of their own personal worship. They "get" it! It was such an honor to join them.

Walkabout with Iain and Colette

Walkabout with Iain and Colette

A Wee Walkabout in Lochwinnoch

Our first invitation to minister in Scotland came from our friend, Colette, four years ago. At the time, she and her husband lived in Peterhead, which has been our base the past 2 years. Now, they are near Glasgow, about 15 minutes from where we are staying.  They were gracious to show us some lovely areas near where they live in Lochwinnoch. They also fed us and shared their clothes dryer with us (a rarity herein the UK).  It was a fun day.

Life to the Full

Life to the Full is a ministry of Whiteinch Church which meets on Sunday afternoons. It is a bit of a "step-beyond" a typical 12-step recovery group for those who have struggled with various addictions.  The goal is to provide further discipleship and fellowship, to awaken destiny, and to provide a safe place to continue pursuing deeper healing with Jesus. We were honoured to be invited to join them and to hear some powerful testimony of how God has been working in the members of the group.


Glasgow Prophetic Centre

Worship with Rick Pino at Glasgow Prophetic Centre

Worship with Rick Pino at Glasgow Prophetic Centre

Sunday evening, we were invited to be part of a private worship event at the Glasgow Prophetic Centre with Rick Pino.  Rick is the founder of the Heart of David Movement, a modern day "Tabernacle of David" based in Austin, TX. Words fall short to describe the night. Such powerful worship, spontaneous and untamed. It was amazing.

On Monday, we met with the leaders of GPC as we continued to explore alliances and network with what God is doing here in Scotland, and in the city.  We did not expect that the entire team would prophecy over us, but they did. We received some great confirmation and encouragement as we look to the future of not only ministry here in Scotland, but also in the US.

Dash Away #14 Reunion

On Tuesday, we had the privilege of meeting with several ladies who attended Dash Away #14 two years ago. Our friend, Linda Malcom, filled up that weekend with the ladies with whom she meets monthly in her home for prayer, worship, and the Word. Tuesday was their monthly gathering and she invited us to come minister.  It was wonderful to see them, and even more lovely to be able to minister to them once again. 

It has been an incredibly difficult season for Linda and at the end of the meeting over tea and home baking, she said in reflection to the evening that God "took off my mantle of sadness and gave me back my mantle of joy."  Now, that's a testimony!!  (Linda is standing behind Melinda's left shoulder.)

Ladies from Dash Away #14

Ladies from Dash Away #14


Most of you know that this trip is primarily exploratory in nature. We know we have a call to this land, and in order to serve here long term, we need to be strategically aligned not only spiritually and relationally, but also legally. As we pursue more long term ministry here, we also need long term visas. This has not been an issue on our trips in the past, but in the future it will be. 

We have been having, and will continue to have conversations to this end while we are here. This week, some of those conversations have been with our friends at YWAM Scotland.  They have been incredibly helpful to provide us information regarding the various visa options that are available, and have also given us perspective and input on very practical things about living here full time. Many of our events have been held at the YWAM base in West Kilbride and it has been wonderful to reconnect with our friends, and make some new ones along the way.

Although we have a great desire to be here long term, the thought of being here full time at this point is overwhelming.  We realize that God has not fully released us to be here full time just yet, thus the absence of the grace to do so.  We know that there is still something He has for us to establish, and also for us to give and receive in California.  We believe that there is a connection between the two locations and are excited to see how it all plays out. (Along those lines, we currently do not have any housing lined up for when we return to California in July. Please continue to pray for us in that regard as we do know we are to be based there while in the States, and housing is pretty important. Thank you.)

The Lamp to our Feet

I (Cathy) have said many times over the past 2 weeks that we don't really have a light to our path at this point, only the lamp at our feet. We are only seeing the next step.  However, we are beginning to get some clarity of what the next season may look like for us. Since it is continuing to form and take shape, we won't be revealing details just yet. Suffice it to say, we are exactly where we are supposed to be, and we are moving in the right direction!  


Coming Up

We will be leading worship at a training night for the prophetic team on Tuesday, and will also be be partnering with the Transformation team in inner healing prayer ministry appointments throughout the next several weeks.

One thing that we are super excited about is the opportunity to lead a Taste of Dash Away one-day event next Saturday for the Whiteinch Transformation team! They not only want to see what we do, but they also want to explore with us ways that they can come alongside and support us when we minister here in the future. This is such an encouragement to us, and a gift. We have longed for a team and are looking forward to what God may have in mind as we pursue relationships here at Whiteinch.

Thank you for praying for us as we navigate the weeks ahead. If you'd like some specifics, here are some things that we are praying for: Wisdom and discernment, continued health and protection, clarity on what to say yes/no to, strategic connections, and divine appointments.

Thank you!

More to come next week...