Over the Hump - DA 27

We just finished up Dash Away #27 at the YWAM base in West Kilbride, Scotland.  It was the 4th of 7, so we are officially “over the hump” and are into the second half of Dash Away’s here. It’s going so fast – which, honestly, makes us sad. We don’t want this to be over!

Each group is different.  Some we connect with more than others. Some are more receptive and open than others. Each is unique unto itself.  This weekend was initially going to be for a specific group of ladies, however, some things changed and we ended up opening the weekend to whoever wanted to attend.  As a result, we had 5 ladies who had been on Dash Away’s before and it was great to reconnect with them. We also met 7 new friends!

We shifted some of the things we normally do this time and as a result, it was exactly as it needed to be.  It ended up being a much easier pace for us, which was so needed and welcome at this point in our travels. 

We are so blessed to have a few prayer ministers in house here at the YWAM base so we both had the Saturday afternoon free to mingle and also to rest.  This has been one of the challenges we’ve had over the past 3 events. The demand for prayer ministry has been so great that we’ve been scheduled full on the Saturday afternoons. As a result, we haven’t had time to connect and build relationships with the ladies, which is something we really love doing.

We just got an email this morning from one of the ladies who attended. She said,

“Thank you so much for being so transparent and open with yourselves ...writing the book that I can so relate to...I have been lost...!!! This weekend has given me hope I can make my way back.”  We absolutely LOVE watching God do stuff like this!
cath mel helen seamill 27.jpg

One of our UK Advisors, Helen Brough, was part of the weekend, and I have to say, there is a reason we have advisors here. This precious advisor always earns her keep.  She is full of wisdom and she spoke some much-needed life into us. She gave us practical advice, helped us think through some strategic things, loved on us, and laughed with us – a lot! She is always a breath of fresh air, and her presence this weekend was so well timed because…

This year has been different than previous trips on many levels as we are beginning to feel the growing pains of God expanding our sphere of influence here.  With that comes the need to reflect, regroup and re-imagine what ministry here looks like as we continue to dream with God. 

One question we’ve bumped into pretty hard over the last week is, “Is what we’re doing in its current form sustainable for future growth?”  The answer – a resounding, “no!”  We have been pouring out for just over a month now. Consistently. Without the space, opportunity, or ability to get filled back up. As a result, we both hit a huge wall going into this past weekend. It wasn’t pretty.

Ministry is amazingly beautiful. Having a front row seat to what God is doing in a person’s life brings such joy. We are incredibly honored to be part of what God is doing in this land, AND – it is also physically and emotionally exhausting.  Because of this, we are taking a more intentional look at self-care.  What is it that we each uniquely need to regroup and refuel between weekends, and how do we best get it?

When we initially planned the schedule for this trip, we had this coming weekend as an off week.  We were then asked to do a one day Taste of Dash Away, which we agreed to. After we got here, we heard that the group that wanted it was no longer meeting as a group and they wanted to cancel. This freed the weekend up again. We should have caught the hint, as we know now that God really did want us to have the weekend off. But we didn’t. We scheduled another one day Taste about 90 minutes away from where we have been based. 

After the wall we hit going into this past weekend event, we both agreed that for our own self-care, we needed to cancel and free the weekend up again - especially since we travel to Ireland one week from today.

We never want ladies to miss out on an opportunity to encounter God, but after last week, it was abundantly clear to both of us that if we didn’t take the weekend off, it would not be healthy for us.  If we’re depleted, we have nothing to give, because you cannot pour from an empty cup.

So, here we are, still at the YWAM base in West Kilbride, taking a few days to recuperate in a sweet little flat overlooking the sea with the Isle of Arran in the distance.  This base is so peaceful and so saturated with the presence of God.  It truly is a haven.  We have some friends here, and are making more along the way. We are grateful for an opportunity to rest in such a beautiful setting as we recharge for our ministry in Ireland.

We would appreciate your prayers for us as we continue to move forward.  We really are tired and depleted on so many levels.  Also, please pray with us that we would be aligned with God’s strategy as the ministry continues to expand here in this land. We know this is all His idea to begin with, so we are confident He has a plan to make it sustainable for the long haul.