Feeding Lambs in Mintlaw

Our latest Dash Away was held a mere 20 minutes drive from our host home here in Peterhead. That in itself was glorious!  No big travel days! Woohoo!

Our meeting venue, a private home, came complete with the most amazing pastoral setting including baby lambs which we got to hold and bottle feed throughout the weekend, a standard poodle who had her own teddy bear, and a couple of peacocks who entertained us with their courtship.  Mr. Darcy was quite the squawker as he strutted his stuff. The Mrs., however, seemed completely uninterested.

Twelve ladies joined us for the entire weekend. Four others joined us for part of the weekend as they had come to help with meals and clean up.  In the end, all but 4 of the 16 received prayer ministry. God once again moved powerfully as He revealed things He wanted to heal, brought freedom, and took down some walls.

We had to say goodbye to Juliette, our prayer minister, this morning. She is on her way back home now full of stories and experiences like she's never known before. She has been an incredibly vital part of our weekends ministering long hours, even outside of our normal Saturday afternoon prayer schedule, making it possible for everyone that wanted it to receive ministry. Melinda and I have been full up with ministry appointments on each of the weekends so far as well.  It's a lot for us to do on top of running the weekends in general.

We know that we need more prayer ministers over here just to keep up! Although we plan to continue bringing prayer ministers over from the states, our desire is to raise up prayer ministers here from within the land. God has already been highlighting ladies from these first 3 weekends.  A few already have some basic training, but we plan to connect with them regularly throughout the coming year to mentor, train and equip them with more tools as well as our DNA.  We've already been mentoring prayer ministers back home ... Seems God knew that we were going to need to know how to do this!  The distance and time difference can be challenging, even with technology, but we know that God already has it all worked out.

We appreciate your prayers regarding this - that God would build His team around us as He has already been doing so beautifully and give us wisdom on how to best train and equip them.

We are blessed to have a local team ministering with us again next weekend at the YWAM base in West Kilbride. We are grateful for this as our friend, Beverly Richardson, who joined us as a prayer minister last year, will not be arriving until we are in Ireland next month.

We are almost one month into our trip with 3 weekends and a one-day "Taster" behind us.  This is not a sprint. It is a marathon. Personally, I am feeling some fatigue in my vocal cords as I have been having to project as I lead worship, in larger rooms, filled with other voices, without a microphone. The strain is enough that we have purchased a small, portable PA system that we can take with us when we travel and leave here when we're in the States. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so they say, and since I only have one set of vocal cords to last me a lifetime, the investment is well worth it.

We often have the privilege of being harvesters, seeing the fruit demonstrated so powerfully. Sometimes, however, we are called to sow seed. We may never know the impact a weekend has on one who attends, but, we know that there is one. God is on the move.

You know how sometimes when someone speaks to you, you just know their words have a lot of weight behind them? As we were leaving the venue yesterday, one of the ladies who had been there to help in the kitchen said to me, "Thank you for loving our country."  It about made me cry because we do love this land. God has planted it deeply in our hearts.

Next stop, the Seamill YWAM base West Kilbride and Dash Away 27.... Which is totally full! Another 12 ladies are about to encounter God in a fresh and powerful way. But first, we rest!