…In a Nutshell

2010 - Cathy launched our parent company, Simply-Worship, Inc. in response to an invitation to dream. Being a worship leader herself, the initial vision was to help develop worship leaders from the inside out - from places of wholeness, integrity, and authenticity first, then with practical skills.

2011 - God expanded that vision and focus bringing Melinda Wilson into the mix. Melinda brought with her a different, yet very complimentary set of skills and gifts including inner healing prayer ministry and missions, among other things.

2012 - Cathy and Melinda officially partnered together under Simply-Worship, Inc. and began seeking the Lord together on His vision for their future.

2013 - Together, they hosted their first of many Dash Away Weekends for Women with 14 ladies attending. After leading 3 events in the States, they travelled to the northeast of Scotland at the invitation of an American friend who was living there. They led two events back-to-back, and also spent time networking and connecting with other leaders and ministries around the United Kingdom. 2013 was a big year for the ministry as it became an official 501c3 nonprofit charitable organization.

2014-2017 - Cathy and Melinda continued to travel around the US and the UK leading Dash Away Weekends, and one-day events. By the end of 2017, they had led 15 weekend events in the UK and 15 here in the States, in addition to one-day’s. The ministry was growing at a rate that they could not sustain under their existing model. They came off the road to rest and regroup.

2017 - Cathy and Melinda were both ordained as ministers through The River Fellowship, headquartered in Northern California. www.riverfellowship.net

2018 - After a year long ministry sabbatical on the East Coast, God moved the ladies to California. With the move, He invited them to dream with Him again as they began to rebrand the ministry. Simply-Worship remains the parent company and legal entity, but as of November 2018, Simply-Worship is doing business as Face to Face Ministries. The vision remains the same, however, the new name provides a stronger foundation from which to grow.

2019 - Dash Away Weekends relaunching in May in Lake Tahoe. Also, a film project and podcast series of interviews with key leaders in a variety of inner healing modalities, and those who also help connect people face to face with Jesus is in the works. From that will also come a printed resource.

To be continued....