Immanuel Approach Basic Training


We offer basic training in The Immanuel Approach. The Immanuel Approach is the foundational tool that we use in inner healing ministry. Developed by board certified psychiatrist, Dr. Karl Lehman, M.D., this approach uses brain science, intentionally incorporating how the brain works to help people connect relationally, experientially, and interactively with Jesus. Connection with Jesus is foundational in this approach and it is Jesus who guides the inner healing session.

The Immanuel Approach is powerful and life-changing for those who experience it. It is also transferable and easily caught as it uses specific, simple tools.

We offer training in this approach and are happy to bring this training to your healing team, church, or small group. Please contact us for more information and to schedule your training.

For a preview of this approach, please listen to our podcast interview with Dr. Karl Lehman.