Step by Step Instructions on how to Subscribe, Rate, and Review the Podcast


We mention it in every podcast, but we realize that the process of subscribing, rating, and reviewing might not be super intuitive. In response to that, here are step by step instructions. Please click on the button below to get to the podcast page, then follow the instructions below.

If you are on an Apple iPhone, you will have to get to the show’s main page to begin the process. Search “Face to Face Ministries Podcast, or follow the link below.


Step 1

Once you are on this page, click on the button that says, “Listen on Apple Podcasts.”


Step 2

This takes you to the page where you will be able to “Subscribe.” We do hope that you will, because you don’t want to miss any of the great content coming your way!


Step 3

After you hit “Subscribe,” click on “Ratings and Reviews.” This is where you can see what other people have already written about the podcast, and where you will be able to add your own review.

step 4 write a review.jpg

Step 4

Next, click on the button that says, “Write a Review.” This will open up the window that you’ll see in Step 5.

step 5 write a revew.jpg

Step 5

Now, you’re ready to rate us with 5 stars, and write your own review of the podcast!

Thank you so much for listening, subscribing, rating, and reviewing! You are helping us “get the word out!” and it definitely does make a difference!