Our Dash Away Leadership Team


Cathy Little, Co-Founder, Worship Leader, Admin

Cathy handles most of the admin for our weekends (yep, she’s one of those!) and is also our worship leader. Through worship, she sets the atmosphere for connection with Jesus. She is also trained in inner healing prayer and loves to see people step more fully into their true selves. One of her highest values is honor and you will feel that when you’re around her. She loves to love people well. Cathy lives in Vacaville, California.

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Melinda Wilson, Co-Founder, Teacher, Director of Fun

Melinda has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and training in several inner healing prayer models. She is passionate about helping people connect with Jesus, and facilitates that through an understanding of brain science. She also teaches practical tools for connecting with Jesus that our attendees can carry away with them and incorporate into their lives. She is funny and engaging and has a knack for helping people cut loose and have fun.

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Juliette Alston, Ministry Team

Juliette has been an anchor in our team for many years, traveling with us both in the US and in the UK. She is highly trained and amazingly gifted in one-on-one prayer ministry and helping people connect with Jesus. She is a strong and stable force who puts you at ease just by being around her. Juliette and her husband, Robert, live in Black Mountain, North Carolina.

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Dee Ann Sweeney, Ministry Team

Dee Ann adds a unique and powerful component to our weekends using art as a group activity to help you see life situations from a different perspective. She provides a safe, calm place for you to take a deeper look at things that may be in the way of you enjoying the abundant life you were created for. She is a licensed therapist who has experience and training in trauma. She and her family live in Conroe, Texas.

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Lisa Roitsch, Ministry Team

Lisa is the director of Power of His Love Ministries in Conroe, Texas. Her passion is to see people set free. She is trained and certified as professional counselor and uses inner healing models to help people not only deal with the fruit of their issues, but also the root. She and her husband also work together ministering to couples. They live in Conroe, Texas.

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Ellen Scharffenberg, Ministry Team

Ellen is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with Breakthrough Counseling Center in Vacaville, California. She is dedicated to children, marriages and the family unit. Her passion is to see families develop and maintain the skills needed to continue and improve their family legacy. She is also personally committed to a life of balance that includes rest and restoration. She and her husband, Dennis, live in Vacaville, California.

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