Deeper: A Devotional Collection Vol. 1

This devotional by Cathy Little. "Deeper" is a collection of devotional blog posts that first published at For 4 1/2 years, Cathy wrote weekly from her own life experiences, lessons learned along the way, nuggets of truth, and simple yet profound revelation.  Now, she shares them with all of you!

"In a very big way, the vulnerable, personal writings of Cathy's life and perspective have become my companion. Deeper is full of fun trivia, eye-opening 'Aha!' moments, and a virtual reality perspective in every chapter. Real life. Clarity. Encouragement." Amazon Review

"There are dozens of devotional books out there to choose from, so what makes this one special? Cathy Little writes from her heart--from her own personal experiences, life lessons, mistakes, triumphs, etc but most importantly, from her deep encounters with God. She writes from a heart whose primary desire is Jesus and passionately longs for everyone to encounter Him in the deepest places. She is personable - you will be able to relate to her because she is genuine and real; it'll feel like a good friend wrote it just for you. If you want a devotional that will make you think, stir your heart and inspire your soul, this is your book. It's that good! Yes, I've read every page! Now go get yourself a copy or 20 and give them as gifts!" Amazon Review

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Shame On You No More: A Journey Into Freedom Revised and Updated Version

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Shame. It’s a common struggle among many that is often misunderstood or, worse, overlooked. Yet the fallout of suffering from shame can wound, cripple, and devastate the victim’s life. But there is hope. In Shame on You … No More, worship leader Cathy Little shares her journey through the mire of shame and into the arms of a loving, accepting Father who relentlessly pursues, romances, and woos His children.

Tracing her life from her earliest memories as a child into adulthood, Little shows her struggle to understand why she felt so unworthy and reveals how God’s grace made her whole. She then offers inspiration and advice for those living within the same mental prison. Filled with warmth and love, Little’s remarkable story invites you to cast away the shadow of shame and find your healing in the Lord.

“… a beautiful and non-invasive unraveling of the traps and origins of shame and how its effects can be insidious and destructive. Cathy is a wonderful writer and one who can honestly reveal her heart and experiences without being inwardly focused. She shares herself, puts words to feelings and patterns of behaviors and then walks the reader into the hope of healing and restoration.” -Sarah Engle

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