Episode 002 - Introducing Our Co-Host, Melinda

In episode, 002, our co-host, Melinda Wilson, shares some of her story and her healing journey, including the importance of community, understanding our position as sons and daughters, and the fact that Jesus is always happy to be with us, even in our most forgettable moments.

The Importance of Being in Community

The Importance of Being in Community

My heart skipped a beat… possibly more than a few! I could barely breathe. I had just been pounced on by a lion — a 5 month old cub, but still… a LION! Even as young cubs, they are powerful and loaded with potential!

I was fine. There was no harm done. I didn’t even lose my balance, but the whole incident was briefly terrifying - until everyone else found the humor in it and began to laugh. Yeah it was funny, but not not to me, and not at that time.