Undeniable Favor: The Back Story on "Conversations With..."

Get the word out!

As a ministry and as individuals, we are passionate for people to connect with Jesus and find true freedom, to walk in wholeness, and to be who they were meant to be. It is only then that they can fully do what they are here to do as carriers of the Kingdom of God here on the earth. You don’t have to stay stuck in destructive patterns and habits. You don’t have to be triggered and re-traumatized because of past wounds. Jesus not only forgave sin, but He also provided an amazing benefits package - and it is loaded!

The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.” Luke 4:18-19

In Isaiah 61, the list continues with comfort for those who mourn, beauty instead of ashes, joy instead of despair, renewing, rebuilding, removing shame, and more!

What a game changer if the Church understood her true identity, her authority, her destiny? What if She walked in wholeness, freedom, and in the abundance that Jesus promised? What if She understood that salvation meant way more than the "sweet by-and-by" but that it is also about being on a co-mission with Jesus to advance His Kingdom on the earth in the here-and-now?

This is our commission for 2019. We are to GET THE WORD OUT!

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Where the initial idea first came from…

In September of 2018, we were invited to speak to a small group of women in Ohio about inner healing. This group really didn’t have a box for what inner healing was, but they were hungry to learn. As we spoke to them about the variety of tools that we use to help people find healing and freedom, the question was asked, “Where can we get more information on all of these tools?” What we soon realized is that there was no centralized, one-stop resource where you could explore several different inner healing prayer models.

Thus began the journey to develop one. It started out as a book idea, but as Melinda prayed into the idea, she heard God say “film.” This centralized resource would become a documentary including interviews with several key leaders and founders of various inner healing prayer modalities.


Interview #3 (1) Dr. Karl Lehman

Dr. Karl Lehman, founder of The Immanuel Approach, was the first interview we scheduled but it was the 3rd interview we conducted on January, 26, 2019, in Leesburg, VA. Dr. Lehman is a Christian psychiatrist who has spent decades and well over 10,000 hours of research studying and developing this effective and powerful approach to inner healing.

He was doing a training on this modality in the Washington DC area in January and Melinda was planning to attend. She emailed him her request for an interview and he quickly and personally responded with a yes. The favor on this came not only from his yes, but also his offer to change his flight to later in the day so that he could accommodate the interview.

With this interview scheduled and the project beginning to take shape, Melinda began researching and investing her own funds to purchase the proper equipment she would need to make these interviews happen.


Interview #1 (2) Dawna DeSilva

The second interview we went after was with Dawna DeSilva, co-founder of the International Bethel Sozo Ministry. Sozo is the Greek word for “saved, healed, and delivered” and it is used over 100 times in the New Testament. In essence, it sums up the full benefits package! Melinda emailed her and within 10 minutes she sent back her reply - another yes! She was coming to our church later that week for a mini-conference and offered to do it while she was in town. This was a quicker yes than we had anticipated, and we weren’t quite yet ready to roll so we scheduled the interview for January 3rd at Dawna’s office in Redding, CA, a little over 2 hours north of where we now live. This was the first of many conversations we will film for the project.

Dawna gave a brilliant interview. We had asked for an hour, she gave us an hour and a half. We were so excited and felt the favor of God, along with His confirmation that we were definitely on the right track. We began to dream even bigger possibilities and opportunities. It was after this interview that we felt the profound call and mandate to “get the word out.”


Interview #2 (3) Heidi Baker

If you haven’t already seen the favor of God on this project, this story will highlight it even more. Heidi Baker, co-founder of Iris Global, an international mission movement with over 70 bases around the planet, was coming to our church for a conference. Although she is not the founder of any specific inner healing prayer model, she is passionate for people to encounter Jesus face to face - and it is through those encounters that true healing comes. Heidi has cultivated intimacy with Jesus in a way that is literally palpable to those who are around her.

Ten years ago, it was Melinda’s dream to interview Heidi Baker. She had even asked for one many years ago, but was declined. Heidi was now coming to our church and we figured, why not? Melinda found an email address and simply asked, sharing our vision as a ministry and the vision of the film project. She quickly got a reply back from Heidi’s assistant, Rebekah, who expressed strong interest and said she would forward the request on to Heidi when she returned from a conference in Brazil.

A few days later, and 2 days before Heidi arrived in town, Melinda received an email saying that, yes, she would give us an interview. We were astounded and overwhelmed by the favor of God for this amazing opportunity. What we found out later is that three other people had also requested interviews with her, one of whom was high profile and the interview was to be on GodTV. Heidi declined them all, yet quickly said yes to us! This was even to the surprise of her assistant. We asked for 30 minutes. Heidi sat with us for over an hour. It was amazing!

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The Expanded Project

Rather than waiting until all the interviews and filming are complete to release the big film project, there is a sense of urgency to start getting the word out now. To do that, we have been setting things up to release the interviews in smaller bits on our YouTube Channel. Also, with podcasts rising in popularity, and because of the opportunity for people to not only hear the interviews while driving to work, but also the opportunity to get to know us more personally while listening, we will also be releasing the interviews on our soon-to-be-launched “Face to Face Ministries Podcast.”

Circling back to the very first birthing of the idea back with those ladies in Ohio, we will also be writing and releasing a book that will cover all of the healing modality leaders we will interview over the next year or so.

So, Who’s Paying for This?

We are currently looking for funding partners, episode sponsors, interview sponsors, and executive producers to come alongside us and help us get the word out. More details on this will be coming as we will be launching a more formal funding campaign shortly.

What’s Next?

With three full interviews already in hand, the editing has begun and, pending funding, we have over a dozen more interviews that we will be pursuing throughout the year. They would take us to Denver, Washington, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and California. That’s the list so far. There may be more. Stay tuned!