Inner Healing/Heart Healing Prayer Ministry

“Inner healing is indicated whenever we become aware that we are held down in any way by the hurts of the past. We are deeply affected not only by what we do — our own sins and mistakes — but by what happens to us through the sins of others, and the evil in the world. Our deepest need is for love, and if we are denied love as infants or as children, or anywhere else along the line, it may affect our lives at a later date and rob us of our peace, of our ability to love, and of our ability to trust other people — or God.”
— Francis MacNutt in his book, "Healing"

You can manage behaviors for awhile, but a bad tree will still produce bad fruit. BUT - You do not have to stay stuck in unhealthy patterns, addictions, habitual sin, and brokenness.

You can grow a healthy tree!

Jesus said, “Make a tree good and its fruit will be good…” Matthew 12:33

Heart healing is about making the tree good! 

Heart healing sessions are designed to help Christians connect with Jesus, receiving healing from emotional wounds and uncovering lies that keep them from living out the truth of who they are in Christ. They are friendly, gentle, and confidential. Sessions typically last for 1 hour and are conducted by trained ministers who have a heart to help others overcome obstacles and strongholds in their lives. There is no agenda other than to help you connect with Jesus and allow Him to lead you into greater healing, freedom, and wholeness.